Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grandaddy & Mary Catherine

Somebody's gettin sleepy!
Grandaddy and Mary Catherine on their ride.

Baby gotta John Deere boombox!

Yummmm...everything looks good. I think maybe I'll try the shrimp!

Mainsail Restaurant in Surf City.

Sweet Little Punkin!

Mary Catherine on a day trip to Swansboro. It was such a beautiful day to stroll around the waterfront.

Aunt Mimi holding on to Mary Catherine on her first boat ride!
Mary Catherine and Grandmother Tracy at Sleepy Creek.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch at the Tea House

Little Mary Catherine and Great Aunt Mary Catherine having lunch with Grandmother Tracy

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I bought this 28 yd. bolt of fabric just because it was so beautiful. It is a bark-cloth and has such a nice hand to it. The colors are much softer than this picture and the blue petals in the bouquet are a robins egg blue. I might use this in Mary Catherines room and paint the walls the same blue but several shades lighter and trim the windows and moldings white. I think I will call it English Roses.

Our house at Chadwick Shores.
Mary Catherine 9 months old at Sleepy Creek.

Aunti Mimi on the beach at Topsail Island
Aunti Mimi & Mary Catherine at the beach

8 months old. Pick me up please!

A sleepy little butter bean!
Three months old.

Our first grandchild, Mary Catherine O'Rourke, was born November 15, 2008. She is a blessing and such a happy little girl. Looks like a little glow-worm!